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Visualization and Visual Analytics

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"Hedonometer" is an instrument that measures the happiness of large populations in real time.

The word "hedonometer" comes from the economist Francis Edgeworth that coined the term in the late 1800’s to describe "an ideally perfect instrument, a psychophysical machine, continually registering the height of pleasure experienced by an individual."

Hedonometer is based on people’s online expressions, capitalizing on data-rich social media, and measures how people present themselves to the outside world.

Involved Technologies

The creators used the D3 Javascript data visualization library for visualizing the data, Bootstrap for layout, and Django as a web framework.

Hedonometer.org is deployed on a Linode virtual linux server.

Try It

You can try the application at the following link: -->Try It<--

It is possible to use different projects using hedonometers, as the picture on the left shows.


UVM’s Computational Story Lab: Peter Dodds, Chris Danforth, Andi Elledge, Sharon Alajajian, Nicholas Allgaier, Catherine Bliss, Melody Burkins, Eric Clark, Emily Cody, Kameron Decker Harris, Suma Desu, Mike Foley, Morgan Frank, Bill Gottesman, Isabel Kloumann, Paul Lessard, Lewis Mitchell, Kate Morrow, Eitan Pechenick, Michael Pellon, Aaron Powers, Andy Reagan, Matt Tretin, Lindsay Van Leir, and Jake Williams.

The MITRE Team: Brian Tivnan, Matt McMahon, Ivan Ramiscal, Mike Shadid, Pete Carrigan, Zach Furness, Zoe Henscheid, Garry Jacyna, Matt Koehler, and Karine Megerdoomian.

Many thanks and acknowledgments go to these people: Mike Austin, Josh Brown, Jim Burgmeier, Kate Danforth, Tyler Gray, John Kaehny, Jim Lawson, Aimee Picchi, Andrew Reece, Tony Richardson, John Tucker and Toph Tucker. And special thanks go to Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar for their initial inspiration.